Chelonia Supervisors





Mr. Silvano Coletti is the founder and CEO of the Swiss privately held institute Chelonia SA. 

Laurea degree in Industrial Engineering, Mr. Coletti is the former Adjunct Professor of “Global Entrepreneurship” at Franklin University Switzerland (Lugano). Educated at School of Engineering in Italy and Harvard Business School (USA), Silvano Coletti is a serial entrepreneur in life sciences.  At the end of ‘90s, he was fellow student at Université Libre de Bruxelles where he joined the team of Nobel Laureate Prof. Ilya Prigogine studying thermodynamics of non-linear systems.  Coletti serves as an advisor to senior executives of leading pharma and biotech companies throughout the world and scientific committees. Former United Nations delegate in New York headquarter, he speaks widely at world-class industry conferences and to senior executive audiences. He is the Project Innovation Manager at Exscalate4COv and LIGATE, EU funded projects.