07.07 The ESR3 position is published on

30.06 Reopen of the ESR3 psotion

30.06 General Assembly meeting

31.05 first Newsletter is published, subscribe page is available on the site. 

25.05 Candidates are notified about the results of the interviews. 15 fellows were nominated to 15 ESR projects.

28.04 - 14.05 Recruitment meetings via a series of Zoom meetings are conducted.

18.04 Deadline for application submission, 260 submissions are received.

18.03 Positions are announced on Mendeley

17.03 Positions are announced on

17.03 Positions are announced on the LinkedIn

08.03 Positions are announced on the LinkedIn

02.03 Job offers on

24.02 ASCENION announces the the AIDD project

26.01 Kick-off meeting, introductory presentations of the Partners are below:

19.01 AIDD project is on Twitter

15.01 Job offers on

14.01 Project announcement on

01.01 LINZ announcement

01.01 Project started


24.09 Press release of Enamine

18.09 Press release of UPF

11.09 Press release of HMGU about the AIDD project (in English and in German)

24.08 The project is signed by HMGU and EU

08.06 The web site of the project is launched

26.05 AIDD project is selected for funding by EU